To the soulful coach or practitioner whose craft surpasses the quantifiable measures of success. Those who offer transformations that transcend the typical promises like make 10K months, lose 50 LBS, or double productivity. You, the alchemist of change whose work goes beyond the tangible...

Have you found yourself confined by the traditional norms of marketing and sales, and struggled to box your multifaceted work into one 'BIG' promise? Not to mention the "niching down" and "I help" statement exercises.

Yet, you look around at others mastering this, and it leaves you wondering what's wrong with you. Despite your clients expressing how you've changed their lives.

Where Marketing Meets Magic

This invitation is for you.

Your creative expression is your marketing magic.

In a world full of noise, sameness, and hype, there's an oasis where soulful coaches and practitioners are turning whispers of intuition into powerful roars of authenticity, creativity, and strategy. It's a place where your true essence is your most valuable asset, where your unique voice isn't just heard – it's cherished, celebrated, and rewarded. 

It's a sanctuary that encourages you to express your heartfelt mission to help others without sacrificing who you are to market and sell what you do. And when you shine your light authentically, you attract clients effortlessly.

So what's the issue?

You're unsure how to put into words what you do...

You're a creative rule breaker and rebel with a cause and you want the freedom to express yourself authentically. But you feel like in order to succeed you need to prescribe to marketing and sales tactics that aren't aligned with you or sound like you.

You're Frustrated with trying to fit yourself into someone elses' marketing & sales box...


...because the work you do can't be expressed in a tagline, IG bio, or a single social media post. Your work is intimate, bespoke, and the results aren't tangible like 10K months, losing 50 LBS, or doubling your productivity.

You attract clients in drips and drabs but you're not quite sure how. It's also super unpredictable which is leaving you question your offer, messaging and yourself. You'd love to know what works for you so you can stop throwing spaghetti against the wall.

Your work is a journey beyond tangible results & quantifiable measures!

But traditional marketing and sales is taught from a brain-based approach – analytical, logical and psychological with the goal of getting people to do what you want. And your marketing success is measured by things like the number of followers you have or how many people open your emails.

It's grounded in a very masculine approach that focuses on agitating pain points, and speaking heavily to the fears of your audience.

This is why it may fail to capture your magic, for your work isn't just a result—it's an experience, a journey. It's expansive. The transformations you catalyze are nuanced, invisible to the naked eye, yet they ripple through your clients' lives with a potent force.

So the paradox lies here, the dichotomy between the ethereal impact of your work and the challenge to weave it into words so that you can reach more people. The struggle to fit your unique offering into the ordinary boxes of marketing and sales. 


If you want your words to land like a lightning bolt in the hearts of your people...

...your words and content need a heartbeat!

But we often get lost in a sea of questions...

"How many emails do I need to send before I start seeing sales?"
"How many times a week should I post on social media to attract clients?"
"What words must my email header contain to capture attention?"
"What do I need to say to stop being friend-zoned?" 

The mindfuckery of 'what ifs' and 'how tos' is no joke! We find ourselves entangled in a web of formulas, frameworks, and metrics. It’s an arduous process where heart often gets lost amidst the drive for tangible results.

But what if the heart could lead the way?

After a journey of two decades and millions in sales, I've discovered a profound truth - the real magic of marketing lies not in the calculations but in the heart. We've been taught to strategize, analyze, and mechanize when what truly matters is the heart's language. It's not about meticulously planning every detail, nor about nailing the perfect hook or call to action. It's about the heart's pulse resonating through your words, creating an electromagnetic connection with your audience.


I don’t adhere to the psychology of selling, I don’t rigidly map out content months in advance, and I don't religiously follow content pillars.


Because I believe in the magic of creative self-expression, the dynamic fluidity of authenticity, and the liberating joy of living in the moment.

The heart of your marketing is not found in predefined processes or steps, nor in learning to talk or write like someone else. Adopting someone else's voice only perpetuates rigidity, diluting the vibrancy of your unique self-expression.

That's why Spellbound was born. A space where soulful coaches are encouraged to let their hearts lead, where the value of your work is not confined to rigid frameworks, but celebrated for its uniqueness. Here, we don’t teach you how to emulate others. Instead, we guide you to embrace your authentic voice and let it reverberate through your business.

Your words are powerful, each one pulsating with the heartbeat of your business, your creativity, your uniqueness. And it’s this pulse that magnetizes your audience, creating a deep and genuine connection.

The heart is where your creativity thrives. It’s the home of your unique voice. It's the origin of your electromagnetic connection with your audience. Unleash it, let your unique expression shine and become the heartbeat of your business.

Here's my confession...

Spellbound isn't your ordinary marketing and sales coaching–it's a distinctive 6-month transformative journey for those who dare to transcend the typical, those who understand that their unique offerings go beyond catchphrases and monetary promises. This magical experience unfolds for individuals who find it challenging to define their gifts because they're truly unique and beyond the ordinary. 

In Spellbound, you're not just a soulful coach or practitioner; you're a consciousness creator with a unique voice. Your life, your experiences, your perspective – these are your canvas. You're in the driver's seat of creating a captivating narrative that's authentic and irresistible. And I'm here to act as a though-partner to support you articulating the value of your cosmic genius so you can naturally attract clients every single month.



I love creating these problems for my clients...

How it works


Spellbound nurtures a profound relationship with your intuitive self, prompting you to lead with your innate knowing first when it comes to content and offers. This supports you to build a business that's joyful, and fulfilling. 

Creative Expression:

Unleash your unique voice and style, experiment with content forms that feel most natural, and develop compelling narratives that captivate your audience so that you can attract the most aligned clients consistently.

Aligned Strategy:

Define your message, package and position your offers, build a simple marketing funnel, and grow a community around your authentic self. With Spellbound, you embrace a strategic mindset that aligns with your intuition and creativity, that supports you in growing your business sustainably.

iNtuition & instinct:

Amplify Your natural essence

Chart Your Course

I want to apply

Intimate container where you'll get your individual questions answered, and a personalized approach so that your marketing and sales strategy is 100% aligned to you. 

Here's how you'll Receive support...

Top-notch curriculum that isn't here just to teach you NEW things, but help you execute, test & refine. 

Weekly LIVE copywriting support & feedback. 

2 LIVE group calls per month for marketing and sales strategy support. 

24/7 community

1:1 strategy calls and workshop calls to ensure you're fully supported. 

Swipe files, examples, templates.

Application process to make sure it's a right fit....

My eyes on your unique business and me as a thought-partner for 6 months.

 Create the system that allows you to attract clients consistently and understand what actually works. 

consistently Fill your calendar with your dream clients that make your heart happy so that you can spend less time on marketing & sales.

Create a tribe of loyal followers on social media who engage with your content regularly.

freedom to express yourself authentically and still create financial stability in your business (aka get paid to be You)!

Double your email list with subscribers who actually like hearing from you and want what you're selling.

apply today

The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

“I contemplated enrolling because I thought why spend this much money if I still need to write all my content and do the work. It wasn't that I couldn't figure this out on my own, I just needed the right coach who believed in my vision even when I didn't to help me bring it to life. That's the power of coaching.”

- nadia



"I'm attracting the MOST high level women of my dreams!"

10X Sign Ups after applying LEAD GENERATION templates

"I went from getting barely any sign ups to increasing that over 10 times."

This could be you....


"I went from having 0 people on my email list to having over 4000."

i can help because i have 20+ years of experience, paired with my innate knowing

soI know how to help!

I don't have some rags to riches (or I was broken now I'm fixed) story.

I have the education, 20+ years of experience working in marketing, sales, advertising, and public relations, before dipping my toe into full-time entrepreneurship. I've since sold over 1 million dollars in sales, sold my brick-and-mortar wine business with a single email, and helped other coaches and thought leaders 10X their income and impact. 

It's the combination of education, lived experience, and mastery overtime that makes me qualified to empower coaches & thought leaders to show up as the badass leaders they are, create content that fully expresses who they are, and magnetically attract the dreamiest clients into their orbit. 

- michelle

“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

Be booking high resonance clients and working on projects that bring high reward — both financially and energetically.

Increase your impact and the number of clients you serve (Our students typically report a 4X increase)!

Be able to clearly articulate what you do and who you do it for on demand confidently.

Have a marketing strategy that's aligned with your unique energy expression. 

Be scaling your high potency offer with ease and finally feeling the freedom in your business. 

Be able to attract top-tier candidates to join your team and help build your biz.

By the end of Spellbound, you will...


This experience is the only one of its kind because...

I act as a intuitive thought-partner for your business instead of a do as I say mentor

It's a partnership, not puppetry!

Many programs and courses operate on a 'do as I say' model, creating clones rather than fostering individuality. Having spent over 20 years as a consultant, I know that success is born from the partnership, not from following someone else's every move. This leads to an industry of cookie-cutter businesses, each echoing the other.

Spellbound is a hybrid experience, providing you with a top-notch curriculum reflecting what has worked for me yet empowering you with the freedom to carve out your own path. I've experimented with myriad strategies over the years, allowing me to guide you toward an approach that best aligns with your unique energy expression.

AND we focus on making sure your words are an energetic match for your dream clients.

A new era of marketing!

Traditional marketing takes a brain-based, masculine approach—analytical, logical, and psychological—with the sole aim of making people do what they want. It preys on pain points and feeds off the audience’s fears. 

In Spellbound, we're breaking free from these archaic methods. If you want to attract empowered clients, your marketing should be a vibrational match for them. Our approach merges the energetic realm with the power of language to create a marketing revolution. We're here to change the game, not just play it.

 If you're ready to ditch the outdated, one-size-fits-all strategies, and step into a world where your authenticity is your most potent magic, this is your call.

This program includes everything you need to fulfill the BIG vision that's been placed on your heart.

Unlike any other program or course, you'll have access to me as your thought-partner for six months! I'm results-driven so my goal is to help you get results and I'll work alongside you to support you in achieving your goals.

Creating more impact with your life-changing work

Building a simple marketing and sales system that will sell your offers on autopilot.

Attracting your dream clients and working on projects that light you up.

Building a dream team that will ensure you're continued growth and more time to operate in your zone of genius.

Creating sustainable processes and systems for added efficiency and profitability. 

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

If you want to say YES to the following:

Apply now

This      for you if:

You're a square peg that doesn't fit into a marketing and sales box and you just want to get paid to be you, while doing it your way.

You easily give up when things don't go your way or you play the victim.

you're an established souful coach with proven client results but you find it hard to put into words what you do because it's felt not spoken.

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO DO THE WORK and wonder why clients aren't consistently signing up.

You're ready to 4X your impact without hustling your moon boots off to attract clients or buying into bro marketing tactics.

It's probably        for you if...

This is your last ditch effort and you're giving yourself a specific time frame to see results or else you're done.



You're a problem-solver and face all your business challenges with "How can we improve this" instead of "Nothing Works, I give up!"

When you commit to something you're all in–meaning you follow through with what you say you will.

You want overnight success and when you don't see results quick enough you blame your mentors that what they are teaching doesn't work.

you've gone through programs where a coach has forced you to do it their way, but it hasn't worked for you.

you're looking for a cookie-cutter step-by-step approach.

you want a mentor to just tell you what to do that will guarantee results.

You're driven by how many people you can help not how much money can you make!

You're driven by how much money you can make not how many people you can help.


Let's do this thing.

but don't take my word for it, listen to my clients say...

I've tried so many things already that haven't worked, what will make this different?

Without knowing exactly what you've tried and why you think it doesn't work, I can't specifically answer that question for you. But what I can tell you is that most soulful coaches that tell me this same thing have either not liked the approaches other coaches taught such as cold DMing, prospecting in other Facebook groups, and pushy sales or they haven't had a personalized plan that works in alignment with them.

I don't promote cold DMing, prospecting or pushy sales tactics and when you enroll in Spellbound you get a personalized marketing strategy and plan that's aligned with your unique energy expression. You also receive 1:1 strategy calls designed to help you take your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a big audience does that matter?

The size of audience doesn't matter. In fact, having a big audience won't guarantee sales. If it did then everybody with a massive audience would make lots of money. But you and I know that isn't true! Lots of influencers have big audiences but are broke as shit. 

What matters more is attracting highly aligned clients and curating offers specifically for them. When you enroll in Spellbound, we will work together to craft potent AF content that calls in the *right* clients even if you have a small audience.

What if I want to do things quicker than six months? 

Absolutely! If you've been hustling your moon boots off to grow and scale your business, you might have a hard time believing it's possible. But most online business owners LOVE to overcomplicate things, especially when we've been taught that big launches and fancy funnels generate 5-figure months.

When you enroll in Spellbound you'll learn to build 1 simple and highly profitable funnel. If you choose to build more that's your choice, but you can scale one offer to multiple 6-figures.

Can you actually scale your offers without working more?

You always get to the pace, it's your business. But building a business is a long-term game so having one mentor support you on a long-term basis is a massive benefit, especially when it comes to offer creation and messaging. Both offer creation and messaging takes testing so six months allows you to get consistent support so you can test and refine your messaging quicker. Because every time you hire a new mentor or coach they are starting from scratch to learn about you and your business. When you commit to hiring one mentor to work alongside you they get to know your business, blind spots, and truly understand what works and what doesn't work.

What if I want you to write the copy for me and build my funnel?

This is an option! I take on a select group of VIP clients that I write the copy and build the funnel for them. During the application process you can inquire about this, or at any time while you're in Spellbound if you want to upgrade you totally can.


The entire profits of my first launch


Number of times I cried about that


lives my clients have impacted this year


Number of entrepreneurs I've helped


You Can Start Today...

If you're a trailblazing soulful coach that knows your work changes lives and you want to reach more of your dreamiest clients, let's make it happen ('cos you're not someone who settles for mediocre results).

apply today

let's find out...

What's your elevated edge?

Find out how to own your unique edge, amplify who you truly are (& get paid for it), take your business to cosmic proportions, and have fun doing it!

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